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Notice on publishing the documentation for the project of the regional landfill for municipal (non-hazardous) waste “Kalenić”

For the needs of the project of the regional landfill for municipal (non-hazardous) waste “Kalenić” in the municipality of Ub in the Kolubara region, in 2020 an updated study on environmental impact assessment was prepared in accordance with national legislation. (Download link)

In addition to the impact assessment process conducted in accordance with national legislation, in addition to the existing impact assessment study, the following documents have been developed to respond to lender 1   requirements and identify appropriate actions and measures for stakeholders and project affected persons:

Documents in printed format are available in the premises of “Eko-Tamnava” as well as the following municipalities / local governments:

  • City of Valjevo – Karađorđeva 64, 14000 Valjevo Serbia
  • City Municipality of Obrenovac – Ulica Vuka Karadzica 74, 11500 Obrenovac
  • City Municipality of Lazarevac – Karadjordjeva 42, 11550 Lazarevac
  • Municipality of Ub – Ulica Vojvode Misica 20 B, 14210 Ub
  • City Municipality of Barajevo – Svetosavska 2, 11460 Barajevo
  • Municipality of Vladimirci – Svetog Save 34, 15225 Vladimirci
  • Municipality of Lajkovac – Omladinski trg 1, 14224 Lajkovac
  • Municipality of Mionica – Str. Vojvode Misica br.30, 14242 Mionica
  • Municipality of Koceljeva – Nemanjina 74, 15220 Koceljeva
  • Municipality of Osecina – Karadjordjeva 78, 14 253 Osecina
  • Municipality of Ljig – st. Karadjordjeva br. 7, 14240 Ljig

You can submit comments and questions regarding the project and project documentation:

  • In writing to the address Veljka Vlahovica No. 8, 14210 Ub;
  • By telephone at the telephone number 014/412 415;
  • By e-mail to  .

Footnote 1 – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and French Development Agency




At the following link, you can download the Public Grievance Form, through which the interested public can submit a complaint or notification about the incident that occurred.

Download link: Public Grievance Form